Zirk Theatre

What is a Zirk?  It’s a mythical creature that is playful, unpredictable and fun.  Zirkus Spectaculus Ludicus 

In reality Zirk is a theatre company that delights in presenting work that combines the performing arts of circus, music, music hall, mime, clown and puppetry.  The results are a popular theatre that is comic, visual and universal.

Fish Dog

Human beings have been called Homo Ludens – the playful ape. We feel that play is an essential element of our human nature. As air, water and food are vital for the body so is play vital for the spirit. Bringing people together and creating an interchange between the players and the audience is at the heart of what we do. Performances by the company are innovative, slightly provocative, and can be understood in any language. We like to say that Zirk Theatre is “sensational”: implying that our job is to kindle the senses and open up the world for people to see in new ways.

Kevin and Rachel are the artistic directors of the company. They also regularly work in collaboration with other artists and companies from different backgrounds and nationalities.

Kevin Brooking                                    

Based in Brussels Belgium, Zirk is a non-profit company.  Since 1989 they have played in hundreds of theatres and festivals.  Serbia, Russia, Finland, Niger, Norway, Boston, Japan, Taiwan, Northern Ireland, Brazil are all places where we have been invited to share our unique brand of performance!

Zirk Theatre has played in these following venues and festivals:


TitiriMundi, Segovia, Spain (4 x)

Tarega Festival, Spain (3 x)
Tampere International Festival, Finland
Ljubljana Puppet and Folk Festival, Slovenia (2x)
Lille Festival Théâtre de Rue, France

Jeudis du Port Brest, France
Aurillac Festival, France (2x)

Chalons Dans la Rue, France (4 x)

South Bank Festival Hall, London (Watch This Space)

Kendal Arts Festival, UK

Glastonbury Festival, UK (4x)

Womad Festival, Reading and Canary Islands

Winchester Hat Fayre, UK

Cardiff Street Arts Festival, UK
Sarzani Street and Comedy Festival, Italy
Girovagando Festival, Sardenia
Lowlands Rock Festival, Holland

Limburg Straat Theatre Festival, Holland (4x)
Vlissingen Street Festival, Holland

Créme de la Créme festival, Den Haag
Lowlands Rock Festival, Holland

Het Paraade, Den Bosch, Holland

Terschelling Festival, Holland
Speculoos, Brussels
Gentse Feeste, Belgium

Theatre op de Markt Hasselt, Belgium

Chassepierre Festival, Belgium

Namur en Mai, Belgium
Esche-Sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
Luxembourg Ville Festival
Lienz Festival, Austria

La Strada Bremen, Germany

Brazil International Clown Festival, Joao Passoa

Angels of the Ring Clown Festival, Rio de Janeiro

Arkhangelsk Theatre festival (3x)

Kazan Russian Mime Festival

Pilotobes Festival, Niger

Night on the Clowns, Boston USA

Andorra Woman’s Clown Festival

Red Pearl Clown Festival, Helsinki

Clownin Clown Festival, Vienna


Cirque Plume

Circus Ronaldo

Circo Price

Circus OhLaLa

Expresso Circus (Théâtre du N-ombrîle)

Circus Roncali (Gala)

Festival de Cirque de Demain (prize winner)


Baby Lion Awards Antwerpen

Bergen City of Culture Festival, Norway

25 iéme anniversaire C.C. Ottignies

International Press Meeting, Brugges

C.C. Ottignies 25iéme anniversaire, Belgium

World Decathalon Championships, Austria

and many more…

Animations for
Nike (Amsterdam), BMW (Munich), Oracle (Paris)

Jaguar (UK), Volkswagen (Holland) and many more…

Popular Action Theatre: Creating traction with environmental and social issues (one Photo)  WWF: 5 projects, European Socialist Party, European Wind Energy Association: 3 projects, AMD Alliance, No More Coal, Sugar Injustice…

WWF Giant Ice Cream

Zirk Showography

Shows created: Sun Ray Sings, Tic Tac Tock, MonOpèra, Virginia Davis Conducts Carmen, The Oriental Fire Dance, La Femme Orchestre, Inside Out: a comedy of accidents, Click!, Apex Movers (co-production The Primitives), Babazooka, Les Clowns en Vrac, Clouds, Les Hommes à Poêles ( co-production Ouch Entertainment),

The Open Space (Photo)

Welcome to Zirk Theatre’s multi-use theatre space.  At 100 square meters it is a large, high and open room that can be used for classes, performances and workshops.  The space is dedicated to promote play, music, movement and the art of clowning.